“A business model to maintain balance between commerce and social responsibility”


Aman Mehndiratta has taken responsibility for the development of society in every aspect. So, he made sure that his business models and plans are sustainable, giving the society a boost without any negative effect. To execute this idea, he adopted CSR program.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes for sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders as well as the whole society. This Movement aims at encouraging companies to be more aware of the impact of their business on the rest of society, including their own stakeholders and the environment.

By practicing corporate social responsibility, Aman Mehndiratta is conscious of the kind of impact he is having on all aspects of society including economic, social, and environmental. Engaging in CSR means, in the normal course of business, the company is operating in ways that enhance society and the environment, instead of contributing negatively to it. Aman’s main motive behind acquiring the idea CSR was, he wanted his company to make efforts to improve society’s sinking condition and give a high standard of living to every individual.

Aman Mehndiratta

our mission

To create a better society that benefits more people and make it to grow and prosper.

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CSR has been used as an effective tool, ensuring a long-term well-being of society and sustainability.

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Providing support to the talents to help them flourish and be successful.

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Our programs

our programs

Running relevant programs for the enhancement of society to ensure a better tomorrow

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