"A better tomorrow is what we urge for." - Aman Mehndiratta

Aman Mehndiratta is such a great entrepreneur who is rolling his socio-friendly business models to bring an evolution in the process of the betterment of the place we are living in. Being a business visionary, he has procured the idea of entrepreneurial philanthropy so that the world could indulge the joy of fulfillment and acquire the enhanced standards of living. Helping the needy ones gives him eternal felicity. Technologies and innovations have always been an ad-hoc for him, in most cases. Therefore, he started investing his resources in tech-ventures and technology-based startups. His activities have successfully helped to pump up the economic development. By stepping into entrepreneurship, he has helped in creating employment. The business activity in which Aman is engaged has added to the GDP of the country, in some way. He engages his time and money to tackle various social causes and gives society relief from the crisis that unprivileged people are going through thus helping in the development of society.
Aman Mehndiratta

our mission

To create a better society that benefits more people and make it to grow and prosper.

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CSR has been used as an effective tool, ensuring a long-term well-being of society and sustainability.

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Providing support to the talents to help them flourish and be successful.

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Our programs

our programs

Running relevant programs for the enhancement of society to ensure a better tomorrow

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Fight together

We fight together

We are humans
Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean

We all are very well known to how much has to be done to make this society a better place to live, and surely it cannot be done in single stoke, it will take time.

Moreover, it demands more and more helping hands to come over to be a part of this noble deed. Even a small step by one individual can at least make the life of one person in need better.

Aman Mehndiratta is continuously in need of people who can do some good for the development of our country. Country’s development is not just limited to economic development but also societal development. Aman encourages other people around him to do the same. Motivation can help people to perform better.

human care

WE care about others

We are humans
To be human is to care for other beings

In the world full of ignorance, being someone who cares for others is what philanthropy is all about. Aman Mehndiratta has acquired a considerable fortune, which is noted for his philanthropic activities. It does not demand only money but time and a kind heart too.

A person, who actually cares about the sufferings of others and wants to give them a better future, is a true philanthropist and surely, Aman is the one. He always looks for opportunities to volunteer.

Till today, he has become a ray of hope for many indigents. The kind of efforts he is putting for the advancement of society, tell us how much is he concerned about the humankind. For him, being tender to others is above all.


hunger and poverty


Progress to reduce hunger is being made by tackling both the cause and the consequences of extreme poverty and famine.
Education and training


Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society. Better educated countries grow faster and innovate more than other countries.
Human rights


Stand firmly for justice, equal opportunity and human rights. These are indispensable elements in a democratic society and well worth fighting for.
Arts and culture


We believe that art can make relevant and progressive contributions to culture and society. Art and culture act like soul to the society.